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The new ZoidPay wallet is launching packed with the most awaited features

  • ZPAY Staking
  • DeFi Integrations
  • Decentralized Exchange

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Discover more new
  • Metal & Carbon Fibre crypto cards
  • Sell your products and services in our marketplace
  • Buy crypto with your debit/credit card
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ZoidPay x One4Retail
= Toniqs

ZoidPay and One4Retail joined forces to develop an innovative product - Toniqs - Modulated end-to-end solution for legacy banks to have Neo Bank facilities.

  • Toniqs Retail - all-in-one patented device Toniqs EFTPOS
  • Toniqs Cloud - Full Banking Ecosystem Cloud Management
  • Toniqs Consumers - Mobile App & Hybrid Card
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ZoidPay Roadmap
  • New Mobile Wallet - Android & iOs

    Lots of new features, and the requested iOs wallet. The UX has been modified, and by the suggestions of our users we've added Staking, DEX, DApps and more.

  • Merchant Admin Interface

    If you're interested in accepting crypto payments online or in-store you will be able to access your dashboard in our mobile or web app.

  • Toniqs Launch

    Toniqs launch will be a huge milestone in the Fintech Industry - Hardware + Cloud Architecture for legacy banks to become Neo Banks.

  • Ecommerce Plugins

    Plugins for major ecommerce platforms to accept online crypto payments and make FIAT settlements.

  • ZoidPay Marketplace

    Buy and sell products/services with your crypto assets. Also, add a marketplace component to your platform by allowing your users to buy with crypto.

  • Custom Crypto Cards

    Issue custom crypto cards for your exchange and wallet and allow your users to make contactless secure payments.

  • ZoidPay Chrome Extension

    Access your mobile wallet via chrome extension, make payments, access DApps, staking and DEX. Also, make online payments to supported merchants.

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Mobile Wallet

Android / iOs

Crypto Card



Android / iOs


Android PDA

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